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The largest living carnivores on earth, Polar Bears are found in regions of the Arctic. They are commonly seen on the territory that belongs to Canada, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The species has been seen as far south as Greenland and Iceland. In winter, the Polar Bear prefers southern areas. Coastlines are favorite sites of bearing females. In summer months, the species is often observed in areas with land-fast ice.

The scientific name of the species is Ursus maritimus. It stems from the notion that this is a marine species that spends a lot of time in water. In fact, these animals do perfectly well on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. This is where the Polar Bear usually hunts and gives birth to the cubs.
 Polar Bears - Pictures
Picture source:
Feenicks Polar Bear Emporium

Polar Bears - Classification

Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Ursidae
Genus: Ursus
Species: maritimus

Polar Bears - Description

The Polar Bear is large weighing about 330-1,760 pounds with the female body being generally smaller than the male. The length of the body is approximately 6.6 to 10 feet. In fact, the Polar Bear is similar to the Brown Bear with respect to the body build. The species is large and stocky with a comparatively small head and an elongated neck. Although the fur is generally white, it may appear yellowish or even brown at times, which happens due to oxidation.

The species has a black skin and the hairs contain no pigment. When the light is reflected from the clear hair strands, the animal appears white. The Polar Bear is well adjusted to swimming for it has broad forepaws that serve as paddles. The soles of Polar bears are furred for insulation.

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Hunting polar bear is banned all over the world; no farms raise these creatures; pictures of the species can be seen on special websites.

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